JCou Service

Our goal is to maintain our excellent level and this is achievable through continuous training of our staff on technical issues, as well as the high quality of the products we represent..

The service department is open from Monday to Friday 10.00 to 15.30 at our headquarters where you can come for any issue you encounter with your watch. 
     JCou's customer service ensures excellent maintenance of your watch. If it needs any care, trust it in an official JCou reseller. You can find one in the Stores section of this site, and they can guarantee service according to JCou standards.

Water resistance

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Water resistance

3 ATM: Rain, Humidity, Sweat

5 ATM: Rain, Humidity, Sweat, Hand washing

10 ATM: Rain, Humidity, Sweat, Hand washing, Swimming

20 ATM / 30 ATM: Rain, Humidity, Sweat, Hand washing, Swimming, Diving



The JCou International warranty covers constructional or material defects that happened at the time of purchase of the JCou watch, for a period of 24 months under the terms and conditions of this warranty. The guarantee is valid only if the guarantee certificate is dated, has been fully and correctly completed and is sealed by an official JCou reseller.
During the warranty period and if you only present of the valid warranty certificate, you will be entitled to free repair of any defect. The guarantee for the watch expires twenty-four (24) months from the date of purchase.

This manufacturer's warranty does not cover:

  • Battery life.
  • Normal decline and aging (eg scratched crystal, corruption of the color or the material of the non-metallic straps and chains, such as leather, plastic, cloth or Velcro, peeling of the metallic coat).
  • Any damage to any part of the watch due to improper use, lack of care, negligence, accidents (knocking, jabbing, breaking, breaking of the glass, etc.), bad use of the watch and non-compliance to observe under the instructions given by JCou.
  • indirect or consequential damages of any kind due to e.g. usage, on-operation, defects or inaccuracy of the JCou watch.
  • If the JCou watch has been tampered with by unauthorized persons (e.g. battery replacement, service or repairs), or if its original condition has been deteriorated without been checked by JCou.
  • Any other demand from JCou company , e.g. for compensation beyond the warranty described above, is definitely excluded, except for any legal rights of the buyer to the manufacturer.

Watch maintenance

Below we give you some basic guidelines to help you keep your watch in good condition for a long time:

  1. Be careful not to come in contact with fragrances, detergents or any other chemicals.
  2. Avoid any hitting on your watch. After any hit, it is suggested to be checked by the dealership.
  3. Strong magnetic fields can affect or cause damage. Do not leave your watch for long periods near electrical appliances that produce magnetic fields such as speakers, televisions and refrigerators.
  4. Do not expose it to big temperature differences, e.g. after sunbathing we do not put it in the sea.
  5. Protect it from water according to the waterproofness indicated on the back of the case.
  6. If our watch has a leather strap, we avoid getting wet.
  7. The crown on our watch should always be in the closed position and if the crown is screwed, it must be its very end.
  8. We do not attempt to open the watch or do any repair on our own.
  9. We keep the watch clean. (mainly after sports). We can clean it with a cloth, ideal is the cloth we clean our glasses. We rub strongly the grind gold-plated parts especially in rose gold to restore its original gloss. If it has a metal bracelet we can even soap it lightly wiping it up very well.